The List

The Top Producers for Educational Purposes (FL Studios Versions)

When it comes to quality creativity professionalism longevity logical substance color & unique texture, these individuals are the masters at hand.

The top producer in the game for me, demonstrating educational purposes on FL Studios are….











These individuals have provided the best knowledge in my opinion.

I consider these guys the Gods on Fl Studios

Hill Vallie and also Hill Vallie Academy gives the Gang a A+++


I hope u guys continue to grow and teach the next generation the importance of self-growth.

We appreciate you.

p. s.

Shout-out to Jean-Marie Cannie Frank Van Biesen

Mixtapes Vs. Albums



I’ve been working on some mixtape material. I find it more fun actually trying to remake something, its easier. However starting from scratch can be fun as well. When I’m in album mode, I want to create from scratch creating a different color. If u see sounds like me, then u know exactly what I mean.


How do u feel about mixtapes or albums?

Not just coming from an finical point of view, but from perspective of your craft.






The kids Dad book

Thinking about writing a album. I’m trying to express my truth. I’ve been learning from my experiences more then my research, and I do a lot of research. I’m a comedian musical scientist. My children are the different colors (expression) on a emotional scale. However, I use this to my advantage. God knows me better then most. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can while I can. I also want to form a team. A team of producers or just creators. If this is you let’s work, let’s build, let’s grow.

Welcome to Hill Vallie productions – Making sound from sun up to sun down! Feel free to look around!

We try to keep our community up to date with how to make the Hill Vallie Sounds, as well as the process of leveling mixing and mastering. We Discuss a variety of ways to create the most unique sounds. Hill Vallie Productions reaches out towards different platforms such as television video games film toys & radio broadcasting etc.  Hill Vallie Productions has a team of Professional Producers with the knowledge to influence the next generation of producers. Share the love and grow. If you need any advice or services, please subscribe and or contact us. Thank you.

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