About us

We’ve been making music for a while, but I started making beats about two years ago. I find beat making to be a beautiful art. In a way I see music like colors or numbers. I like to blended them and see what kind of sounds I can picture to create. Starting a company to pursue my dreams of supplying instrumentals to television video games movies and  even podcasts etc. This has been a wild journey especially considering all the research I had to do. I was very much so influenced by the G.O.A.T. (Helluva), Busy Work Beatzzz, Curtis King, DJ PAIN, MAC, BUDKELLIE and many other producers as well. Oh and I cant forget BroBeatzTV  and LifeStyleDidIt!! ssj4!!! I learned so much this past year, along with my past experiences with music. Being a native in Motown only enhanced my feelings and judgements towards music in general. I love sampling music as well. just for fun though, almost like therapy. However, when I create music, it lets me know that I have talent and I too can share with the world. Hill Vallie Productions has a variety of producers with different styles, different backgrounds. Myself (Von Hill), I tried to think outside the box, making something from nothing. Feeding off of the energy to provide a wonderful sound. HazelWeirdo offers a smoother approach. She knows how to build a sound and drop in with excitement.  ElroyBeatz!!!! Detroit’s one in only… Next level production. Elroy has worked with many artists not just from the city but the world. We continue to grow and build our band and we greatly appreciate the love and support. We thank you for even considering checking out our sounds. And if you find something you like, grab it. Make it into something to remember. Mark history with a universal signature. Feel free to email us at HillVallieProductions.com for any product service questions – Von Hill


Established in 2018. Hill Vallie Productions LLC, assembled to deliver quality products to the music industry. While designing instrumentals for RnB artists rap classical etc, Hill Vallie Productions forced its influence in the hip hop world. The unique approach to beat production sets this company apart from other producers. Meshing classic song/writing with a hip hop sound. Hill Vallie creates sounds that will revolutionize any music project and take the work to the next level. Motown’s audio engineering company where we supply great quality music to deliver a colorful atmosphere making different genres for pure satisfaction.

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